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14+ YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows & Mac Users

YouTube is the Worlds most second most popular online video streaming website in which you can watch varieties of Movies, Videos, and TV Shows for Free. So, here I am going to share keyboard shortcuts for Youtube that improve your experience of using YouTube.

Most of us use Youtube.com Website instead of using its application. So, there are lots of Secret Hotkeys and Shortcuts that helps you to enhance your YouTube experience. You can do lots of Jobs directly by using the keyboard such as play, pause, forward, backward, view video frame by frame etc, without using your mouse or cursor.

All these keyboard shortcuts that I am going to mention here are working fine in almost all well-known browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Brave Browser, etc. So, make sure that once you check out all these Youtube keyboard shortcuts.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Complete Guide On YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows + MacOS)

This is going to be the complete article on YouTube Hotkeys that you can use in any Browser. These Hotkeys are working in almost all browsers. Note down all these keyboard shortcuts and use them to skyrocket your experience.

Play/Pause Video [ Spacebar ]

This is the most popular and most common Shortcut that we use while using Youtube Website online. This Keyboard shortcut is very common and as same as Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts.

Here, I am watching our YouTube channel and when I press SpaceBar, then the Video gets Paused. Again, When I need to play it, I will press SpaceBar again.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Forward / Backward 5 Seconds [ Left & Right Arrow Key ]

Whenever you missed any important scene or anything that you want to watch again, then you can use Left and Right Arrow key to forward and backward your video for five seconds.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Volume Up & Down [ Volume Up & Down ]

You can easily increase and decrease volume right from your keyboard. In most of the keyboards, there are dedicated buttons for increasing and decreasing the volume.

But, In case if your keyboard doesn’t have any dedicated buttons for volume up and down then you can use arrow up and arrow down key to increase and decrease volume easily.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Seek Video From 10% To 90% ( Number 1 To 9 )

If you press any number from 1 to 9 by using seek bar ( Not from the Num-pad ) then You can seek video from 10% to 90%

This shortcut is very important when you are watching any movie or Tv series on YouTube.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Forward / Backward For 10 Seconds [ J & L ]

If you want to forward, Or Backward your video to 10 seconds then instead of pressing the arrow key twice, You can use J & L keyboard keys.

Use Key “J” to forward the video for 10 seconds and key “L” to backward the video for 10 seconds.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Restart Video [ Press 0 ]

Sometimes, we want to watch the video again from starting.

At that time, You need to use your mouse and then point it to the starting of the video to restart it. But now, You didn’t need to do that.

Here is the shortcut for that. Press the “0” button ( Not from the Number Pad ) to restart your video from starting.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Go To Search Box [ / Key ]

This Shortcut is also one of the most important shortcuts for me. Whenever I am searching for any tutorial or anything educational than many times I need to rewrite the phrase that I am Searching on the Bar.

So instead of Clicking on the Search bar, I am Using “/” key and after that start typing the phrase again.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Move To Next Video [ Shift + N ]

If you are watching any playlist and you want to watch the next video from the playlist then you can simply press “Shift + N” Button to the movie to next video instantly.

Here, I am playing Bollywood songs and when I want to skip any video song or want to play the next song when I simply press Shift + N button.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Move To Previous Video [ Shift + P ]

This shortcut only works if you are watching any YouTube Playlist. If you press “Shift + P” then it moves you to the previous video that you watched or that in the playlist.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Mute Video [ M ]

If you want to mute the video then simply you can press “M” button from the Keyboard and when you again press the “M” button then you can easily unmute your video.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Full Screen [ F ]

This one is also one of the most common Youtube hotkey ever. Whenever you are playing any video and you want to enter in the Full Screen then you can press the “F” button to enter in the full screen.

To get exit from full screen, Press “M” button Again.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Enable Caption [ C ]

There are a large variety of videos available on youtube to watch. Some of them are in English & some of them are in their domestic language.

So, At that time Caption helps a lot to watch those videos. Youtube has now its Auto-generated Captions which is available in all videos. To enable caption, Press “C” button and to disable caption again press the “C” button.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Watch In Miniplayer [ I ]

Many peoples don’t know that but YouTube web has now its own Miniplayer as in Youtube Application. Now, You can Minimise the video that you are playing on YouTube web and do other things that you want to do on Youtube.

To Minimize your playing videos, You need to Press the “I” button and it starts playing in the right corner.

YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts


Watch Video Frame By Frame [,. ]

Sometimes when we want to take a screenshot of an amazing scene that appears in any YouTube video then this Keyboard hotkey helps me a lot.

At that time, I need to watch that scene, frame by frame and for that, I am using “,” & “.” keys.


This is the Complete Tutorial Guide on YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows & MacOS users.

Most of the keyboard shortcuts are supported by Youtube in all the browsers. Personally, All the keyboard shortcuts that I mentioned here are tested on Google Chrome & Google Chrome-Based Browsers.

Also, If you have any interesting Youtube Shortcuts then make sure that you comment below and we will add that in our article. Thanks!

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