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Who Will Die In Avengers Infinity War 4? Explanation!

We all are waiting for Avengers Infinity war 4 that is going to release in April 2018.  And Related to Avengers Infinity War 4 there are lots of fan theories are there on the internet.

As all of us know that time traveling is confirmed in avengers infinity war so there is no doubt that some of the superheroes that became ash in Avengers Infinity War will definitely come back in Avengers Infinity War 4 as Captain Marvel will help our superheroes to defeat Thanos.

But as per some fan theories, some of our most popular superheroes will sacrifice his life to defeat Thanos. But only marvel franchise knows what happen next. Here are only the predictions. So Enjoy this fan theory and if you like this interesting then do share it with your marvel fan buddies.

Who Will Die In Avengers Infinity War 4? Explanation!

Superheros That Already Died In Avengers Infinity War 3

Who Will Die In Avengers Infinity War 4

Loki: One of the interesting characters already meets his death at the starting of avengers infinity war.

Heimdall: Thanos and his team killed Heimdall, best friend of Thor on the thor ship that is leaving for earth. (Thor: Ragnarok )

Gamora: Thanos adopted Gamora, a lovely girl and since Thanos want soul stone so he needs to sacrifices his most lovely thing in order to get soul stone. So he killed Gamora.

Vision: Scarlet witch destroyed the infinity stone that is inside vision. But till that Thanos got time stone from doctor strange and travell backed in time to collect that vision’s infinity stone.

Superheros Who Become Ash In Avengers Infinity War 3

Here is the complete list of all superheroes that become ash in Avengers infinity war. But there are lots of probability that they will come back in Avengers infinity war 4 to defeat Thanos or after defeating Thanos.

  1. Black Panther
  2. Spider-Man
  3. Doctor Strange
  4. Bucky
  5. Scarlet Witch
  6. Groot (The Guardian Of Galaxy)
  7. Nick Fury
  8. And  Maria Hills

Which Avenger Will Die In Avengers Infinity War 4 | Prediction With Reason

Captain America:  Avengers Infinity War movie is influenced by the theme of Infinity Gauntlet comic and in this comic captain America goes in front to stop Thanos and after that, with the help of infinity stones Thanos murdered captain America.

Nebula:  Nebula Need revenge from Thanos for killing his sister Gamora. So Nebula must try to kill Thanos and to defeat Thanos is not an easy task.

Thor, God Of Thunder:  From Asgard, Thor is the only one who is alive. And now he had nothing to lose. Odin already faced his death in Ragnarok, Loki, and Heimdall are also killed by Thanos. So there are also some chances for the death of Thor in Avengers infinity war 4.

Drax: He was unable to control itself in the front of Thanos. He Always wants to fight with Thanos to take revenge. And most probably the same thing will happen in Avengers 4 for the death of Drax.

IRON Man: One Of the most loving characters in marvel studios. Tony Stark is only one person who always ready to sacrifices his life to protect Earth. And Same this might be happening in Avengers infinity war 4

Who Will Die In Avengers Infinity War 4Summing-up:

So above mention’s characters may be faced death in Avengers infinity war 4. But still, everything is based on fan theory. We need to wait for 2019 to watch what really is going to defeat Thanos and who will sacrifice his life to save the earth.

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