After destroying half of the universe along with some of our favorite characters in Avengers infinity war, Thanos become one of the most powerful characters in MCU because of it-have all 6 infinity stones in his infinity gauntlet. In April Thanos is again coming and to Defeat Thanos someone is coming in March 2019. So In this article, we are finding more information about that.

If you made it end of Avengers infinity war post credit sean then your have some idea that In Avengers Infinity War 4, Captain Marvel is coming to earth to Defeat Thanos as Mariya Hills And Nick Fury sent a message to Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel)

Most of Us already know that “Captain Marvel” is going to launched in March 2019 In which MCU introduce us to the new character named captain marvel. Brie Larson is going to play the frictional character of captain marvel and this character is one of the most powerful characters in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who Is Captain Marvel?

Credit: Marvel

Currently, there is not much about captain marvel but here are some. IN MCU, Captain Marvel who is known as Carol Danvers is also known as Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers is an officer in united state air forces.

And During an accident, Carols’ DNA got fused and she gots some superhuman powers. Now Ms. Marvel has many superhuman powers such as excellent in flighting, stamina and endurance, the ability to shoot blasts of energy from her fingertips.

So I think you have now some idea about Who Is Captain Marvel?


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Captain Marvel must come in Infinity war 2 to defeat Thanos. And Let’s see what happens next in Avengers infinity war 2.

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First Official Trailer of Captain Marvel


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