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10+ Amazing Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies, TV Shows

There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages all over the world and it is not possible to dub all movies. So at that time Subtitles really helps a lot to watch movies that are not dubbed on our language. There are lots of amazing sites that help us to download subtitles for videos, Movies, TV Shows, Web Shows, etc absolutely FREE.

Now, You guys can also watch any movie without messing up its story because here I am going to share an amazing list of Websites to download subtitles for English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Korean movies, TV shows without any problem.

Download Subtitles

Generally, It is not possible to download the newly released movie with good quality audio, So at that time I prefer to add Subtitles in it so that I can easily watch all my favorite released movies on my laptop without messing up the story. Also, I don’t know the Telugu language or Korean language well, but by adding subtitles, I can now watch any movie with or without dubbing.

List Of Websites To Download Subtitles For Movies & TV Series

Below is the list of websites that offers you to download subtitles of Movies, TV Series, Web Series on One Click. You can download the English movie subtitles, Telugu movie subtitles, Korean Movie Subtitles for free. These amazing subtitles downloading sites provide all types of Subtitles so choose yourself, which one is suitable for you.

1. Open Subtitles

Download Subtitles

Open Subtitles is one of the best websites to download the latest subtitles for movies and TV series. This site has huge collections of Subtitles.  You can check out this website here.

Visit Open Subtitles Here

2. Sub Scene

Download Subtitles

Sub Scene Subtitle download website has a dedicated search option, where you can search Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Korean, etc movies subtitles and download them. You can visit SubScene.com by clicking the below link.

Visit SubScene Here

3. TVSubtitles.net

Download Subtitles


TVsubtitle website is very popular to download the Movies And TV subtitles. They have separate categories such as “Movies” or “TV Shows”

Also, if you have any Subtitle file then you can easily upload it on the TV Subtitles website and share it with others. So you must check out this website if you want to download movies and TV shows subtitles for free.

Visit TVSubtitle Here

4. Movies Subtitles

Download Subtitles

Telugu and Korean movies are awesome. I loved to watch and literally I am enjoying their stories and screenplay. This could only happen due to the Subtitle feature. For every Korean movie, I hit to movie subtitle website and download their subtitles to watch movies without any issue.

You can select, in which format, you want to download the Subtitles, They have 60 fps and 25 fps subtitles.

Visit Movies Subtitles Here

5. YIFYsubtitles

Download Subtitles

YIFY Subtitles is another best Subtitle search engine that has a huge database of new and old movies, TV shows.  Here you can easily download Subtitles according to your language. There are more than 25000 subtitles available for FREE.

Visit YIFY Subtitles Here

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6. Addic7ed

Download Subtitles

Our list of websites to download the Subtitles for movies is not ended yet. Here is another website named Addic7ed.com that offers you to download subtitles of the latest movies and TV series. They Provide English subtitles, Tamil Subtitles, Telugu subtitles, etc for free.

You can visit this site from below links

Visit Addic7ed Here

7. Podnapisi

Download Subtitles

Podnapisi Subtitle downloading site is another one of the best options to download the Subtitles. This website has no irritating ads and you can easily download the subtitles of Korean and Telugu movie subtitles for free. You can visit the Podnapisi website from below given links.

Visit Podnapisi Here

8. SubDivX

Download Subtitles

Usually, I prefer to download Subtitles of English, Hindi, Korean, Tamil, Telugu movies and TV series from YIFYSubtitiles.com website. But in some of the few cases, Subtitle is now available there. So then I prefer the SubDivX website. This website is not in English. So you need to Translate it, And you can easily translate this website from Google Translator.

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9. TV- Subs

Download Subtitles

TV Subs provide especially TV Series subtitles and you can download TV series subtitles episode by episode. On the TV-Subs website, You can choose any TV serial and after that, you can download all subtitles for free only in one place.

Visit TV-Subs Here

10. English Subtitles For DivX Movies

Download Subtitles

Are you looking for DivX movies subtitles? If yes, then English Subtitles For Divx Movies is the option to search and download your favorite DivX movies subtitles absolutely free. Click on the below link to head to this subtitle downloading website.

Visit English Subtitles For DivX Movies Here

11. ISubtitles

Download Subtitles

There are lots of Subtitles available in multiple languages. You can choose your suitable language and after that download subtitles. It is quite easy to find and download subtitles from the isubtitles website. You can visit here

Visit ISubtitle Here


Subtitles plays a necessary role while watching any movie or TV series. Most of Movies and series have already Subtitles file embedded in it.

So, Now, If you are looking for any movie Subtitles or Tv series Subtitles then above is the ultimate list of amazing and stunning websites to download subtitles for free. There is no need to pay any single money and you can download subtitles in English, Tamil, Telugu, Korean, etc languages and these subtitles downloading sites are free always.

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