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The Story Behind “Venom (2018)” Movie | Venom Review


This is not a behind the scenes kind of article. It’s just my experience with a movie called “Venom(2018)”

Venom Review

Venom Review: Shooting Venom without introducing Spiderman created a lot of edgeless turns in this venom (2018) movie. There are lots of scenes that you are unable to understand easily. For example, Movie starts with an old woman infected with symbiotic in the marketplace Malaysia and after a jump of 6 months, Riot found that women in the Airport of San Francisco. How?

The Actual Story Start after half an hour of the movie started. In the first half an hours, you will definitely be confused about what is happening in this movie. Eddie Brock, Who is a well-known investigative journalist was invited to take an interview of Riot, Who is doing some horrible experiments with humans and symbiotic aliens, which are amorphous and liquid in form, and want to use human bodies as host so that humans along with aliens can live on other planets.

Venom Review

And, During an interview of Riot, Eddie started asking some questions about the death of humans by doing experiments with symbiotics. And this is the main reason why Eddie Brock makes some poor decisions, loses his job.

Dr. Dora Skirth was the scientist, Works under the Riot working to use the human body as a host for a symbiotic alien to make a new creature. Dr. Dora founds that this is impossible and Riot is doing wrong with volunteers. Lots of volunteers are already killed by Symbiotic because most of the human’s body is more powerful to handle the liquid symbiotic.

Venom Review

After that Dr. Dora tells all the truth to Eddie and then Eddie goes to the laboratory of Riot to collect some proofs regarding this. Inside the lab, Eddie got infected with the symbiotic and from here, Venom is Born.

It was found that Venom is a funny character! Although Venom is a villain.  It has little humor and lots of action with the very slow moving story.



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Tonight Venom (2018)

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Perhaps, Below is my opinion about a movie called Venom (2018)

A lot of entertainment was expected by me on this venom movie! The story is Venom movie is moving very slowly. MoviesBar doesn’t find this movie interesting, We are expecting much more from this movie. But if you love to watch superheroes/Action Movies then you can go for this Movie.  For Tickets And Advance Booking, you can take a look of BookMyShow

Quick MoviesBar Review:
  1. Rating: 4/10
  2. Runtime: 112 Minutes
  3. Directed By: Ruben Fleischer

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