7+ Best Sleep Paralysis Movies To Watch In 2022 (Complete List)

Sleep Disorder is one of the Scariest disorders. This disorder is much more different from Lucid dreaming and the movies which are based on Sleep Paralysis are really amazing to watch. So here is the list of Sleep Paralysis Films that you can consider watching tonight.

Sleep Paralysis movies come under the Horror Genre and most of the movies are full of horror and suspense. There are very limited movies that covered this phenomenon. Sleep Paralysis movies, those I mentioned below this are available to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos.

This list of sleep paralysis films is going to update from time to time. SO if you are looking for Best Sleep Disorder / Paralysis Movies then you are at the right place.

Best Sleep Paralysis Movies To Watch In 2022

Enjoying Your Prime Time By watching these Sleep Paralysis Movies, Add these movies in the queue and watch them later.

So check them out.

1. The Nightmare (2015)

The Nightmare is a documentary movie about the sleep paralysis phenomenon. If you are familiar with Sleeping Paralysis then you can easily understand the storyline of this Documentary.

It is one of the scariest documentaries available on Netflix to watch.

2. Slumber (2017)

Sumber is another movie about a sleeping disorder in which we can see how the whole family will suffer from a sleeping disorder and how they solve this problem.

3. The Conjuring (2013)

it Is impossible to complete any horror movie list without adding any Conjuring universe movie. Probably if you loved to watch horror movies then I guess you already completed this movie.

But if you didn’t watch this movie yet then you must check out this article – The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch.

4. Dead Awake (2016)

This is another Horror movie that is based on Sleep paralysis in which there is some mysterious death that occurs and each victim is suffering from Sleep paralysis. Although IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes rating of this movie is not so good, this movie is quite interesting to watch.

5. Mara (2018)

Another movie based on the mysterious death of people is Mara (2018). There are some plot holes in this movie but overall this movie is decent to watch.

6. Anamnesis Web Series

This Web Series is Freely available On YouTube To Watch. You Can Watch It’s all episodes here.

This web series is based on Lucid dreaming and sleeping paralysis. And this is one of the best Sci-Fi web series that is available on YouTube to watch for free.

7. The Babadook

This one is my favorite movie that is based on Sleep Paralysis film. This movie is quite a horror and scary as in the night, there is a dark person/shadow appears, that is following you.

The characters of this film are also very horror and interesting. IMDB rating of this movie is 6.3 out of 10 which is not bad.


This is the complete list of best movies based on Sleeping disorders and paralysis. If you have any movie in your mind that comes under this category then make sure you comment below.

Also which movie do you like most? Let us know in the comment section.

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