A Complete Guide For Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts (Hidden Features)

After YouTube, Netflix is one of the biggest online streaming platforms all over the world. In the last few months, I ‘am also started streaming Netflix on my PC and after that, I found a lot of hidden and amazing hotkeys of Netflix that enhance your comfort while streaming online.

So here in this article, I am going to share all in integrated Netflix keyboard shortcuts that help you enjoy your Netflix show on your PC, laptop, or in any firestick without any problem.

Most peoples all over the world use Google Chrome browser instead of Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Smart TV, Apple TV, etc, and there are some also amazing hidden features especially for Google Chrome users that enhance your Netflix experience. I Often also use Google Chrome to use Netflix to watch awesome TV Shows and movies online. These are some essential hotkeys that you must know if you have a Netflix account on your smart device.

Instead of using your touchpad, or pointing the cursor to the option to change anything while playing, you can do it directly by using these hotkeys that I am going to share in this article. For example, If we need to change the resolution of videos then we need to point the cursor to settings, then resolutions and after that, we need to select 1080p or 720p (Whichever we want) but if you know some hotkeys of Netflix, then you can easily change it by using keyboard only.

You can watch Friends web series for free on Netflix, here is the complete method, check out the index of friends here.

Complete Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts That You Must Know!

Whenever I watch Netflix on my MacBook Air, or on my windows laptop, I use helpful Netflix keyboard shortcuts because this is suitable for my laziness.

Although, these keyboard shortcuts are mostly the same for windows laptops/PC and in macOS.

Play/Pause Screen Shortcut [Space / Enter]

This “Play/Pause” keyboard shortcut is very common and most peoples already know about it. If you are using Windows OS then you must know that windows default media player and many other popular media players such as VLC have these same shortcuts for Play/Pause any video.

This is most probably a very common shortcut in Netflix. If you want to “Play/Pause” then you didn’t need to move your cursor, Just once, hit space or enter to “play/pause” it, and press again, to again “Play/Pause” it.

That’s all!

Volume Up/Down Keyboard Shortcuts [Up/Down Arrow]

I hate to Up/Down volume through the mouse cursor. So instead of using your mouse, you can use Netflix hotkeys to increase or decrease your volume easily.

So, if you use the Up and Down arrow keys to increase or decrease the volume then you didn’t need to touch the slider that appears on the screen to change the volume.

Mute [M]

We more often prefer to stop the video rather than “Mute” the video. Personally, I prefer the “Space” key to “Pause” the video rather than “Mute” because it becomes quite simple.

Although, If you want to know the hotkey to “Mute” the video then you can use the “M” button to Mute your video instantly.

Full-Screen + Exit [F/Esc]

Buffering TV Shows, Movies, Web Series on the big screen. I loved to watch TV Shows and Movies on Big screen to get the exact same experience that I will get in Cineplex.

To watch your show without getting distracted from the notifications of your emails, Whatsapp, you can enter in full-screen mode by entering the “F” hotkey from your keyboard.

And to minimize your screen again, press the “F” key again or you can also press the “Esc” key to get out from the full screen.

Netflix Skip Intro Hotkey [S]

I am pretty damn sure that whenever you watch TV shows then you definitely not gonna waste your time while watching the intro of that series again and again in all its episodes.

Watching intro becomes annoying sometimes and then this Netflix skip intro hotkey plays a very important role to skip the intro in one click.

So skip the intro, press the “S” key to skip them!

Adjust Streaming Bitrate [Shift + Alt + Left Click]

If you want to adjust the bitrate of streaming video according to your internet speed so that your show will stream without any buffering on your internet connection then you need to press-hold “Shift-Alt-Left Click” Simultaneously to adjust it.

Due to so slow internet connection in my area, It was quite difficult to watch any movie, TV Shows, Web Shows, without buffering it. So, I adjusted the streaming bitrate, and now Netflix streams videos like a charm!

Toggle By Frame [Space + Ctrl]

I am one of the biggest fans of Marvel movies and whenever I watch any Marvel movie on Netflix, then I watch every action scenes frame by frame so that I can’t miss anything from it.

So, If I press the “Space+Ctrl” keys simultaneously then you will be able to watch the slow-motion video (frame by frame) so that you can’t miss any single action scene.

Display A/V Stats [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + D]

If you want to see all the details of your Netflix screen such as Bitrate, Audio Bitrate, Movie name, Movie ID, framerate, etc.

This Netflix keyboard shortcut is not much beneficial for the users but sometimes it helps a lot to know.

Logging Windows [Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L]

While using Netflix, If you press the “Ctrl + Shift + Alt + L” keyboard keys then it will show all Logging Windows on the screen.

This hotkey is very useful for developers or technical niche people.


So, Using hotkeys while watching movies, tv shows, web series will definitely help us and save our time. All the Netflix Keyboard Shortcuts that I mentioned in this article will work for both Windows and macOS users.

Personally, I use all these Netflix keyboard shorts to skip the intro, or to “Play/Pause” videos because they are quite common in our everyday life.

Sometimes when I watch English shows or Tamil shows then I prefer to enable subtitles sometimes when I am unable to understand their language.

And if these Netflix keyboard shortcuts is not working on your Windows or MacOS then you can check out this.

In case, if you have any other hidden Netflix hotkeys then you can comment below and we will add that shortcut key in this article so that more and more people will know about it.

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