Maska Review, A Netflix Original Film is released 27 March 2020, this film is such a sweet loving one-time movie on Netflix.

Here in this article, We are going to review, Maska Netflix Original Film. Maska web series is directed by Neeraj Udhwani who is well known for his anthology series.

Featuring Shirley Setia as a blogger who covers stories of the peoples and the film leader Prit Kamani who want to become an actor in the film industries, is trying too hard to get a role in any short film.

Maska Review

Maska Review ( 2020 ) – Netflix Original Film

Netflix Film Information –

  1. Available On Netflix
  2. Time Duration – 1 hour and 51 minutes
  3. Language – Hindi (Original) + English
  4. Genre: Love, Drama
  5. Parental Guide – No Nudity

Maska Netflix Review –

The Story Revolves around the main character name Rumi who wants to become an actor. He has his father’s Cafe which is a very antique called Rustom Cafe where the majority of people come to eat their special food.

Rumi wants to become an actor and he didn’t want to work on his Rutom’s cafe, But, he is unable to find any role in any web series or in the movie,

Lots of months passed, But, still, he didn’t get any success in acting. Later, he met with one director who has a good script, but he didn’t have any producer who can produce his short film and whoever can ready to produce that short film, he is ready to make it the hero of that film.

Maska Review
Maska Review

Producing a movie will cost a lot of money, Rumi thoughts that, after this short film, he will become a successful actor so he decided to sell his antique Rustom Cafe in 7 crores.

Rustom cafe was a very antique cafe and hence there are lots of people’s emotions is attached. So lots of people get disappointed in this decision of Rumi.

In the end, he realized that he was not made for acting, and then he refused the contract of selling his own Rutom Cafe.

Watch Or Skip?

Overall, This Netflix original movie is “Ok” and if you have some free time and Netflix access then you can watch it. Rustom is one time watch Netflix film.

The movie is short and points to point and definitely you didn’t get bored.

Conclusion –

So, this is the review of Maska film, Hope you will like it.

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