From the last 10 years, Marvel produced more then 21 movies and all of them are mind-blowing.

People loved to watch Marvel contents and their action figures. Everyone wants to collect them because it is just like memory and everyone wants to keep it safe in their home.

There are lots of Marvel Legends Action Figures are available online, Believe me, you gonna loved all of them.

We all of them have some personal feeling for Marvel characters, we all have some special moments and memories with some big Marvel movies such as Avengers Endgame, So, to keep memorizing those beautiful memories, you can purchase these Marvel Legends Action Figures.

You can easily purchase the Infinity Gauntlet and imagine yourself, that you are the part of Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can purchase lovely Groot action figures, or even you can purchase some infinity stones also 😛

So, Enjoy the world of imagination with these Marvel action figures.

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends Action Figures List

There are plenty of action figures are available to purchase.

But, I am going to mention a few of them that mostly marvel fans buy online. Below is the short sweet list of some marvel action figures. So you can check it out.


Iron ManDetails: Iron Man Mk-85 in his final form from the climactic battle of Avengers: Endgame!Check On Amazon

ThanosDetails: Battlesuit with reinforced chest and shoulder armorCheck On Amazon

Spider-ManDetails: Spiderman Character From Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseCheck On Amazon

Black WidowDetails: Natasha Romanoff In his actionCheck On Amazon

Captain AmericaDetails: Legends 6-Inch Captain America Action FigureCheck On Amazon

HulkDetails: heroic HulkCheck On Amazon

ThorDetails: The hammer-wielding ThorCheck On Amazon

DeadpoolDetails: Marvel Legends DeadpoolCheck On Amazon

Black PantherDetails: Flex Black Panther Action FigureCheck On Amazon

LokiDetails: Latest Look Of Loki From Avengers: EndgameCheck On Amazon

GrootDetails: Lovely Groot Look From Guardians of the GalaxyCheck On Amazon

AntmanDetails: Marvel Legends Super Hero Antman Action FigureCheck On Amazon


Marvel Legends Action Figures Review

1. Iron Man

Marvel Legends Action Figures

I don’t think so I need to mention the points why mentioned the Iron man first in our list.

Iron man is the most favorite character or marvel movies and the way Robert Downey Jr. performed that character in the movie is really outstanding.

In the memories of Iron man, You can purchase its action figure online in which Tony Stark is wearing its most latest iron man armor MK-85 as shown in the Avengers: Infinity War.

Here are the key features of this action figure

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  • Wearing Latest MK-85 Armor as shown in Avengers Endgame
  • 6 Inches high tall action figure
  • A lot of optional things are available such as optional hands, nano shields, etc.



2. Thanos

Marvel Legends Action Figures The most popular villain of Marvel movies Thanos is also very loving characters for marvel fans.

Thanos wants to collect all the infinity stones and wipe out half of the population of the planets so that rest of the half of the people can live peacefully.

The way that Thanos chose is might be the wrong way but he wants to make all the planets more powerful so that all the peoples in the planets can live peacefully.

This Thanos action figure is also one of the most popular marvel action figures in which we all can see Thanos in his new costume-wearing that infinity gauntlet.

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3. Spider-Man

Marvel Legends Action Figures Inspired by the character of Marvel movie Spider-Man Into the spider-verse. In this action figure, Spiderman is wearing his black cloths and you can see Spiderman in his actions.

Since in Marvel movies, Spiderman is a very young character and that’s why many young peoples loved this character and this character has its separate fanbase.

So, if you are one of the Spiderman fans, then you can purchase its action figure right from the below links.

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4. Black Widow

Marvel Legends Action Figures Natasha Romanoff aka Black widow is a female Marvel superhero that is a very influential character for females marvel fans.

We are watching Natasha Romanoff’s character in every single Marvel movie but we don’t know much more about it.

Since it doesn’t have any back story yet. But hope so we will get to know much more about Natasha Romanoff in his first solo movie “Black Widow” that is probably going to be released in November 2020.

In this action figure, You can see Black widow in his actions and in white costume.

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5. Captain America

Marvel Legends Action Figures Steve Roger’s AKA Captain America is the first avenger that got the superpowers due to some science experiments that is done by Howard Stark.

Due to his positive attitude, Captain America is also a favorite character of the Marvel fans.

Looking more about the action figure of Captain America then the look of the captain that you will get in this action figure is totally based on the marvel video games.

This action figure is 6 inches big you can purchase it online from here.

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6. Hulk

Marvel Legends Action Figures We all love Bruce banner in his acting style. The way he turns itself into the green giant unstoppable hulk is really cool.

Hulk is one of the most powerful Avengers in the Marvel movies and also it is one of the wisest people in the team.

This Hulk action figure is based on the look Avengers: Endgame and you will get the Hulk in his normal costume-wearing that Gauntlet that he made to snap again to recover the half of the universe that is wiped out by the Thanos.

This Hulk action figure is 9 Inches big and you can buy it from here.

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7. Thor

Marvel Legends Action Figures Thor, Odinson has some wields powers that make him more powerful than the Nine Realms. He is also recognized by the name of God of Thunder.

But now, as shown in Avengers Endgame, Thor is now more powerful because it has now Stormbreaker that he firstly uses in the fight of Wakanda.

In this action figure, you can see Thor in his classical actions with his hammer Mjolnir. And this action figure is 7 inches long and you can buy it from here.

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8. Deadpool

Marvel Legends Action FiguresWait? Why I am mentioning Deadpool in this Marvel list?

Well, many of you already know that Deadpool is a part of Marvel Universe and it has two blockbuster movies released that are very loved by the Marvel fans, so I decided to mention his action figure in this list.

With his funny dialogues and full-on actions, Deadpool is also the most trending action figure that most of the people want to buy.

This Action figure is 6 inches long and you can buy his action figure right from here.

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9. Black Panther

Marvel Legends Action Figures Wakanda Forever…

This Line gives me Goosebumps all the time. Black Panther is one of the most action-filled marvel movies in which we can see the technology of Wakanda with metal Vibranium.

Here is the action figure of Black Panther. You will definitely love it.

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10. Groot

Marvel Legends Action Figures After the release of Guardians of the Galaxy movie, People started loving the Groot as it saved the Avengers All the time, and also Stormbreaker is also made with the help Of Groot.

People love the baby Groot as shown in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie. Without any major dialogues, Groot has now its separate fanbase.


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So, if you are Marvel fans, then you going to love this article.

Buy these action figures and keep them as your memories.

Also, there are other lots of Action Figure are also available on Entertainmentearth site. So you can also check them out.

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