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Joker Ending (2019) : Why There Ares Multiple Endings Possible?

There are lots of possible endings can be possible in Joker (2019) movie because of the director Todd Phillips tried to confuse the audience or tried to create a dilemma in which most of the audience gets confused in the movie that is it happening real with Arthur Fleck and which things are happening only in the mind of Arthur Fleck.

There are lots of fan theory are rolling all other the internet. Some of them will confuse you and you will also start thinking that this is also one possible ending of joker movie. So, Spoiler Ahead!

As shown in this movie that Arthur Fleck is suffering from distinctive laugh disease in which he laughs every time when he wants to express his inner pain. Arthur Fleck is suffering from a “mental condition” in which he can’t coordinate well with his mind and laugh inappropriate movements.

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Joker Ending (2019)

In Joker’s movie, when, Arthur Fleck is traveling by metro to his home and there are three people who are irritating the girl in the metro and then suddenly Arthur Fleck started laughing in that movement shows that how harmful the disease it. And after that when Arthur Fleck killed all of them and after that in the Bathroom he starting dancing. Maybe he loses his tamper all but maybe there is one thing possible that every that movement is just an imagination of Arthur Fleck? Maybe Nothing will happen in reality?

Is it Just Me, Or Is It Getting Crazier Out There?

After watching the Joker Movie everyone got goosebumps because the second half of this movie brings lots of questions among the audience.

As in the first half, People was thinking that when Arthur Fleck shouted “I Love You Murray” and whatever happened on the stage is real but that’s also not true. Its just imagination of the Arthur Fleck. These things bring multiple timelines in this movie and pointing to multiple endings.

Joker Ending (2019)


Even the meeting of Sophie and Arthur Fleck is not even 100% correct. Possibly the act of murder of Penny Fleck and Murray Franklin will have happened in reality because at that time the audience realizes that Now, Arthur Fleck becomes the actual “Joker”.

Everything that is shown in this movie is not 100% accurate because most of the things were only happening in the mind of Arthur Fleck.

Joker Ending (2019)

Also, there are certain fan theory is rolling all over the internet that seems to be possible.

In the ending when Arthur Fleck says “I just thought of something funny” but “you wouldn’t get it” and in flashback, one crown is killing the Bruce Wayne parents. it is possible that maybe Arthur realizes that he created “Batman” the day he becomes “Joker”.

It’s hard to say what is real and what is just the imagination of Arthur Fleck. Because in the ending, it’s hard to say what is really happened with Arthur Fleck. Maybe we will get the answers to these questions in the next part of this movie. Till then, everything that you can imagine or think will be considered as a Fan Theory. So, what you guys think? Is it possible? Or you have any other theory? Comment Below.

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