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Infinity Stones And Their Powers In Marvel Movies | Full Explained

One Of the epic movie of this year “Avengers: Infinity War(2018)” is released in this year and MARVEL Brings all the Infinity Stones to the hand of Thanos and to know how many disasters Thanos can do by using those infinity stones, we must know about the powers of all those six infinity stones. In this article, we are going to know about Infinity Stones And Their Powers

Infinity Stones plays a very important role in Marvel movies because of all at end movie is somewhat is related to these infinity stones and also in the end, there are lots of questions remain unanswered.

So, In this article, we are going to quick rollout to all Infinity stones (so-called Germs) and their powers. We will also discuss the origin of those Infinity stones.

So let’s get Started!


What is Infinity Stones And Their Powers In Marvel Movies?

In Marvel Cinematic Universe, Infinity Stones are one of the most popular things in the world. Infinity Stones have limitless power and they can destroy anything in seconds.

There are total six infinity stones in MCU, they are

  1. Space Stone
  2. Mind Stone
  3. Reality Stone
  4. Power Stone
  5. Time Stone
  6. Soul Stone

All these Infinity stones have Infinite powers and hence they are so-called Infinity Stones.

So one by one let us talk about all infinity stones and their powers in Marvel Movies 🙂

The Space Stone: Tesseract

The Blue Infinite Stone was first found in the movie “The Avengers (2012)” And the space stone is used by Loki to open the portal for Chitauri Army to invade New York City.

The Space Stone allows traveling from one place to any other place in seconds. Tesseract also has the power to speed up the superhumans so that they can present more than one place at a time.


After the death of Loki in Avengers Infinity War (2018) Currently Thanos have this Space stone in it Gauntlet. Loki gave the Tesseract to Thanos to save the life of Thor.

The Mind Stone

Mind user gives the power to access someone’s mind. Tony Stark with the help of Bruce Banner used this stone to create Ultron which can protect the earth from space harmful powers.

Mind stone gives power to Vision to travel from one place to another place easily like a ghost, also it gives the power to fly.

But in the movie, Avengers Infinity War(2018), Thanos ripped the mind stone from the head of Vision.

The Reality Stone

The Reality Stone is used to control the people in the real world. As we saw that in “Thor: The Dark World (2013)” Loki and Thor Used the Reality Stone to Defeat the main villain Malekith.

After that both Space Stone and the Reality Stone is kept in the Asgard.


The Power Stone

The power stone has the power to destroy the whole universe in seconds. Star-Lord finds this amazing stone in the movie “Guardian Of the Galaxy” Movie.

After that Guardians left that stone with space police so that this stone remains to keep safe. But, Now Thanos have this Infinity Stone.


The Time Stone

The time Stone has the power to manipulate the time in the real world. By using Time Stone, you can rewind or fast-forward the time.

Dr.Strange have this time stone and he used that time stone to fast forward the time to see the next steps of Thanos. Also In movie “Dr.Strange”, he used Time Stone to Defeat Dormammu.

Later, Dr.Strange gave the time stone to  Thanos to protect the life of Tony Stark.


The Soul Stone

Soul Stone? One of the most important stone never showed in any movie till yet. But as in the movie “Infinity War(2018)”

There is not more information related to Soul Stone but according to Comics, Soul Stone has the power to bring the dead souls from one place(one dimension).

It was predicted that Soul Stone will be used in “Avengers Infinity War 2” to bring back all the superheroes.



So, Friends, These are the sex infinity Stones Along with their powers. Hope this article will help you to understand the complex study of all these infinity stones.

These 6 Infinity stones are now in Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos and Thanos Destroyed the half of the universe along with some superheroes using these infinity stones.

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