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How To Watch Movies Online With Subtitles ( 4 Methods )

Online Streaming Platforms are now much more popular in these days. Instead of going to watch movies in the theatre, people prefer to watch movies, web series, a documentary on online streaming platforms.

The thing is, online streaming platforms provide content on-demand and they cost only one time and after that, you can watch all the favorite TV Shows, Movies instantly everywhere.

I already published the article on websites to watch free movies online where you can stream your favorite movies and web series without paying any single amount of money. Also, if you prefer to download subtitles then you can read the article on best websites to download subtitles for free.

There is some online streaming platform that allows you to watch movies for free. The best example of it is YouTube.

You can watch movies, web series, listen to songs, etc for free, but the problem is they have only outdated content and they do not add newly released Movies & Web Series in it. But there are lots of other websites that allow you to Watch Movies Online With Subtitles for free.

So, Here in this article, We are going to discuss all the possible ways by which you can watch movies online with subtitles legally.

Watch Movies Online With Subtitles


Watch Movies Online With Subtitles 

There are some unique ways by which you can stream your favorite movies online. The best part of these online streaming ways is that you can easily select the resolution between HD and FHD. So, Instead of purchasing the blu-ray DVDs, or purchasing them from playstore, you can subscribe to one of the online streaming platforms to watch.

Methods, Which I am going to share are legally all over the world. Also, In some of the cases, you will get the one-month free subscription that you can cancel anytime. So, take one month trial first and after that, if you like their services then you can purchase their subscription to continue their service.


1. Online Streaming Platforms

There are a bunch of movies and web series available on Online streaming platforms. Since these online streaming platforms are global, hence they provide subtitles to English for almost all videos. In some of the cases, they also provide the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu subtitles. So you can choose according to yourself.

Here are some most popular online streaming platforms from which you can watch Watch Movies Online With Subtitles.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime
  • Hotstar

Generally, they provide 30 days of a free trial. You need to verify your card details and you are free to take their free trial. Also, you can cancel it anytime.


Watch Movies Online With Subtitles


2. Apple TV

Apple TV allows you to stream your movies and web series instantly from some of the most popular online streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, AmazonPrime, Hulu, iTunes, etc. You can simply place search and watch whatever you want.

So, If you have Apple TV or you are planning to purchase Apple TV then you can access all the global online streaming platforms instantly on your Apple TV. Just use your apple remote or ask Siri to stream your movie.


Watch Movies Online With Subtitles

3. Android TV / Smart TV

In these days, Smart TV is going much more popular because they are much cheaper and you will get access to almost everything in it.

Almost all Smart TVs are Supported by Google Playstore, So you can download any application that is available on Google play store in your Smart TV and use it. Also, you can connect your android smartphone with your Android TV.

Generally, All Smart TV get preinstalled Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. Also, they are integrated with Google Assistance. You just need to say, “Ok Google! Play Movies” & it will start playing it.


Watch Movies Online With Subtitles


4. Google Chromecast / Amazon FireStick

If you already own TV which has a USB port and you want to convert it to Smart Android TV, then you can purchase the latest Google Chromecast or Amazon Firestick. They cost you around 50$ and after that, you will be able to convert your normal tv to smart tv easily.

Google Chromecast / Amazon Firestick support more then 100+ online streaming platform including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.


Watch Movies Online With Subtitles


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So these are some method by which you can watch movies online with subtitles in English. In some case, there are Telugu and Tamil subtitles are also available.

Hope you found this article interesting and if you have any method by which you can stream movies and web series online with subtitles then you can comment below.

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