11+ Top Best Hindi Web Series To Watch In 2019 ( Complete List )


The popularity of watching Hindi web series is increasing day by day.

Now, Peoples prefer to watch Web- Series instead of watching Movies and Documentaries and, if you are one of them, which is looking for any best Hindi Web Series to watch, then you are at right place.

There are a bunch of web series available online to watch on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So here in this article, I am going to arrange all the Top Hindi Web Series that is available online to watch. This article contains all type of genre web series including Adult, Entertainment, Thriller etc.

Also, In this article, I am going to cover only the complete list of Hindi Web Series. So all the Web Series that are mentioned below are available in the Hindi language to watch online. In case, If you don’t know where to watch these web series, then you check out this article on Website & Apps To Watch Movies/Web – Series Online.

Top Best Hindi Web Series To Watch

Here is the list of best web series in Hindi list to watch online on different platforms such as Netflix, AmazonPrime Or ATLBalaji.

1. Delhi Crime (2019)

This Web Series is Based on the actual incident that happened in Delhi. It is based on the gang-rape case. This Web Series is very heart touching and also very emotional. You can watch it online on Netflix.

IMDB Rating – 8.7

Hindi Web Series


2. Mirzapur (2018)

Mirzapur is my all time favourite web series. I loved those Mirzapur hard dialogues and that amazing character named “Kaleen Bhaiya”. I already published the full review of Mirzapur, and You can check out here. Story of this Series is based on the black side of Mirzapur and how People need to struggle to survive there.

This is another fantastic thriller, crime, action web series that is created by Amazon Prime.

IMDB Rating – 8.5

Hindi Web Series
Mirzapur Review


3. Sacred Games (2018)

Another most popular web series which is created by Netflix is Sacred Games. It has a mixture of thriller, drama, action, strong language and brilliant acting. There are eight episodes in its first season.

IMDB Rating – 8.9

Hindi Web Series

4. Apharan (2018)

Remember that line “Sabka Katega”?

This line is trendy among the youth of India because of this fantastic Web Series created by ATLBalaji. Even, You can watch this Web Series free of cost on MX Player (Android APP).

This is Suspense, thriller web series based Kidnapping. In this series, Rudra Srivastava, Senior Police Officer kidnapped a young girl and later, due to some reasons that girl committed suicide.

IMDB Rating – 8.6

Hindi Web Series


5. Ghoul

Ghoul is Netflix Web Series based on the horror phenomena that happened in the Jail when one prisoner arrived in it.

This Series has three episodes, and they are amazing. This Series is available in both Hindi and English language.

IMDB Rating – 7.2

Hindi Web Series


6. Criminal Justice

The First Web Series that I watched on Hotstar Premium is this Criminal Justice, which is based on the victor murdered the girl after a one-night stand. It shows the fantastic mixture of thriller, drama and crime that blow your mind.

The Cast of this Series is much similar with the series named Mirzapur. So if you enjoyed Mirzapur, then you must watch this also.

IMDB Rating – 8.2

Hindi Web Series


7. Rangbaaz (2018)

Rangbaaz is based on the crime that happens in place of Gorakhpur, India. ZEE5 creates it, and you can watch it on ZEE5.com official website.

IMDB Rating – 8.7

Hindi Web Series


8. Yeh Meri Family

This is the best Family Show, which is rated 9.4 ON IMDB to watch. There is No Strong Language used in this series.

TVFPlay creates this Series, and you watch this web series on TVF Play website or application and also, this series is available on Netflix to watch. 90s kids can easily relate to this web series because of family drama.

IMDB Rating – 9.4

Hindi Web Series


9. ImMature

TVF produces the ImMature Web show, and this web series is only available on MX Player to watch. If you are a student, then you must watch this series.

Remember Your First School Love? Immature is all about that School Love & Friendship.

In this web-show, you can see how the thinking and requirements of a student change as he grew up.

IMDB Rating – 9.2

Hindi Web Series


10. Kota Factory

Kota Factory is the story of students who shift Kota to study well and to crack IIT-JEE Exam. This web series is the first Black & While Web Series available on the Internet to watch. This is another family show available On YouTube to watch.

The best thing is that this web series is freely available on YouTube to watch. You can watch its first episode here.

IMDB Rating – 9.4

Hindi Web Series


11.TVF Tripling

Another Web Series that include, Comedy as well as Drama is TVF Tripling. This the story of three siblings who are fond of going on a long drive. They had a hilarious journey. There are a total of two episodes available On TVFPlay & SonyLIV

You can also watch it on YouTube and MX Player

IMDB Rating – 8.6

Hindi Web Series


12. Gandi Baat

Another one of the most popular Adult Hindi web series available on ATLBalaji is Gandi Baat. There is total of three seasons available and more then 30+ episodes are there.

This web series is based on the erotic-themed story from rural India. Also, this web series is suitable for Adults viewers.

Gandi Baat Web Series is available free to watch on MX Player and ATLBalaji.

IMDB Rating – 4.1

Hindi Web Series




These are Web Series that you must watch right now and if you have any other web series that you want to add in this list then comment below.

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