Extraction 2: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Story, Trailer & More

Extraction, the 2020 American action thriller film written by Joe Russo, and directed by Sam Hargrave, broke all records in its debut weekend. Netflix also revealed in July 2020 that 99 million households watched Extraction in the first four weeks of its release. The subcontinent audience loved the Indian connection and storyline, and the movie featured Bollywood actors Randeep Hooda and Pankaj Tripathi. It was Randeep Hooda’s Hollywood debut, and he had blown people away with his performance. Netflix’s highly successful movie “Extraction” will have a sequel released in the summer of 2023. Chris Hemsworth will be returning to reprise his role as Tyler Rake. Here’s everything we know so far about Extraction 2 on Netflix, including the newly released trailer.

Extraction 2 Cast:

Extraction 2 features Chris Hemsworth (Tyler Rake), Golshifteh Farahani (Nik Khan), and Adam Bessa (Yaz Kahn) reprising their roles, with Daniel Bernhardt and Tinatin Dalakishvili joining the cast. After being presumed dead in the first film, black ops mercenary Tyler Rake returns for another high-stakes mission.

Extraction 2 Story:

Extraction 2 continues the story of the 2020 film, featuring the comeback of Tyler Rake, a black ops mercenary presumed dead in the first installment. The new movie sees him embarking on another perilous mission. Although the ending of the previous film left Tyler Rake’s fate uncertain, a teaser released in September 2021 revealed that #RakeLives confirmed his survival.

Extraction 2 Trailer:

Netflix India shared the official trailer of Extraction 2 on April 3, 2023. The teaser trailer shows Hemsworth’s Tyler Rake back in the thick of the action during what looks like a prison riot as he attempts to rescue a young girl while fighting off dozens of men.

A new trailer for Extraction 2 dropped on May 16, 2023. Check it out below:

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Extraction 2 Release Date:

The sequel will be available to watch from June 16, 2023. The film will stream on the OTT streaming platform Netflix. Reports peg just like the first film, the sequel too will stream in English, Tamil, Hindi, and Telugu.

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