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The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch – The Conjuring Universe

Horror is one genre that is loved by so many people, no matter what their age is. Children are, however, the ones who are attracted towards it the most. It aims to create a sense of fear, panic, alarm, and dread for almost all kinds of audiences through a portrayal of their worst fears and nightmares.

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

Below are some movies that are horrifying and can make you go pee in your pants. So watch out. Or if you want some other horror movies other then conjuring series then you can check out this article on 10+ Best Horror Movies That You Definitely watch right now.

1. The Nun

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

This is the latest entry to the Conjuring Universe. It is a story set in a beautiful Abbey in Romania. The beauty of direction can be seen in numerous scenes. The performances of the actors are also very well portrayed. It may be a familiar old dark castle runaround, but Corin Hardy delivers eerie images and nerve-scraping sound effects. In all, one must see this movie if they want to see some quality work in the genre of horror.

2. Annabelle: Creation

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

This movie is yet another creation of this genre, which is to be a little more satisfying and terrifying as well. The child actors, especially the protagonist Janice, has given a great performance being a sane and demonic entity at different times. Its genuine scares and eerie tones sure did bring a certain quality to the movie.

3. Annabelle

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

The film making team has tried to make it a lot scary but have not been entirely successful. Some scenes are quite unnerving, but the predictability of the story ruined it in a way. Cranking up the volume to a maximum at every appearance of the ghost can render a body shock from audiences, but no real entertainment value. It would not be such a delight to those who expect a chilling experience.

4. The Conjuring

Though it’s not got a unique story but fits well into this genre. Admittedly, the film is built on pretty familiar horror movie tropes – but again, it’s the way these everyday moments are staged that makes them more impressive and effective. The movie is very well executed and sends a chill down your spine. It transports us into the world of supernatural occurrences. The craftsmanship of the director can be seen at the top of his game.

5. Conjuring 2

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

It is a sequel to the movie ‘The Conjuring.’ The jump-shock moments in the film makes it scary and are pretty well done. The director was successful in displaying a great grasp of visual space, rhythms, and sounds. The storyline and the characters themselves are done so well it makes you feel for the characters.

6. The Nurse

The Conjuring Series In Order To Watch

This one is a short film in The Conjuring’s universe. For such a short runtime, the movie was triumphant in many ways. The audience sure would be utterly terrified after watching this movie.


So, this is the complete article on the list of all the Conjuring Series In Order To Watch. The Conjuring 3 movie is going to be released in 2020, So we didn’t added that movie in our list yet.

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