Once in your life, you must’ve heard about Christopher Nolan but in case if you didn’t hear about him, you must be an alien from a primitive planet (just kidding!).

Christopher Nolan is regarded as one of the greatest directors of all time. Over the course of more than 20 years,  he had directed 10 movies all of which for sure must’ve boggled your minds. All of his movies are a true masterpiece of cinema and I can bet that most of his movies are on your “all-time best” list too.

It’s very hard to classify the worst movie and the best movie through the astonishing list of mind-blowing movies. Let’s begin our countdown of classifying worsts and bests from the “BESTS” without wasting more time.

10. Following

“Following” is a noir-film which marks the directorial debut of Nolan in 1998. The story of the movie is about a young writer who follows strangers for material meets a thief who takes him under his wing.

9. Insomnia 

Released in 2002, featuring star-studded cast which includes ‘The Godfather’ fame Al Pacino, ‘Forrest Gump’ fame Robin Williams and Oscar winner Hilary Swank, Insomnia is a masterful work of Nolan which makes it viewers to chew their nails apart. This movie is about Two Los Angeles homicide detectives who are dispatched to a northern town where the sun doesn’t set to investigate the methodical murder of a local tee.

8. Batman Begins 

Batman Begins is a DC Comics superhero movie directed by Nolan and is released in 2005 by Warner Bros. This is the first superhero directorial of Nolan, the film boasts the star-studded cast including Christian Bale, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine.  The film was not a box-office blockbuster but it received rave reviews from critics.

7. Memento 

To be very clear, It is Nolan’s only movie that I personally didn’t like, many critics said that the story of the movie is very mind-boggling but for me, the movie was like “to and fro motion”. However, Nolan’s direction was a masterpiece which binds its viewers with the chemistry going on-screen, the movie after 1 hour became so thrilling and you will eventually rip your nails without even recognizing!

6. The Dark Knight Rises 

The third part of “The Dark Knight Trilogy”, The Dark Knight Rises was released in  2012, The film’s synopsis read-“Eight years after the Joker’s reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City, now on the edge of total annihilation, from the brutal guerrilla terrorist Bane.”

5. Interstellar

Probably Nolan’s most mind-bending movie, this movie for sure had blown your minds(cause it blows mine too!). Interstellar, a sci-fi masterpiece was one of the biggest blockbusters of 2012 and managed to garn many prestigious awards including an Oscar! Film’s synopsis read- “A team of explorers travel through a wormhole in space in an attempt to ensure humanity’s survival.’

4. The Prestige 

This one is mine 2nd best movie of all time.  No matter how much I appreciate ‘The Prestige’, it’s not enough. Nolan’s matchless direction makes this movie, about the rivalry of two-stage magicians one of the most thrilling movies of all time, especially the end of the movies will make your jaws drop!.                                                                                    Films synopsis read-“After a tragic accident, two stage magicians engage in a battle to create the ultimate illusion while sacrificing everything they have to outwit each other.”

3. Dunkirk

Nolan’s latest release(2017), Dunkirk is regarded as the greatest war movie ever made! {although in my point of view, it still lags behind Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List). The movie is based on Dunkirk evacuation during World War II.  Film’s synopsis read- “Allied soldiers from Belgium, the British Empire, and France are surrounded by the German Army, and evacuated during a fierce battle in World War II.”

So, These are the best Christopher Nolan’s movies that are best!


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