Captain Marvel (2019) Is Now Released in theaters. Marvelous fans are super excited to meet with Carol Danvers. The movie is well explained and here is the short review of Captain Marvel (2019) movie. We will also discuss the infinite possibility to defeat Thanos.

Captain Marvel is another fantastic movie for MCU fans. The way that the director described the character of Carol Danvers is really appreciating. As expected, this movie has also two post-credit scenes, we will discuss that later in this post.

So before starting, Here is Spoiler Warning!

Captain Marvel Review - MoviesBar
Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Captain Marvel Introduction

As expected, Carol Danvers is really one of the most powerful superheroes in the MCU universe. The story of this movie is well written and you can easily become familiar with Carol Danvers character from the starting of the movie.

As in the story, In 1995, She was Air Force Pilot but after that due to the experiments of the Kree Warrior Mar-vells, Carol Danvers also got some power from Tesseract infinity stone. (Due to this, She forgot his previous life completely)

As she was now a Kree warrior and in the fight between her peoples and the Skrulls, She caught herself into C-53 planet (Earth).

Due to this, she started getting some recurring memories of his previous life…

Captain Marvel
Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe

Carol Danvers, Nick Fury & That Amazing Cat

That Cat also played a very interesting role in Captain Marvel Movie. (Entertaining)

Nick Fury wants to catch Captain Marvel, As she was the superhero who destroyed the whole shop and moving here and there! You can watch Nick Fury as in 90’s buddy cop.

The main motive of this Captain Marvel movie to introduce the character Carol Danvers to the MCU fans and after that to fit that character in Avengers: Endgame movie.

This movie is a complete collection for all humor, action, story, drama, comedy etc. So If you are one of the Marvel fans then you must need to watch this movie.

Captain Marvel Post Credit Scenes – 2 Post Credit

Just similar to Antman & the Wasp, Captain Marvel movie also have two post credit scenes, they are well explained below.

1 – Captain Marvel In Endgame

In April, One of the biggest blockbuster movies is going to be released, i.e Avengers: Endgame. And we all know that Captain Marvel is going to meet Avengers and is going to help then to defeat Thanos.

In the post-credit scenes of Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Nick Fury sent the message to Captain Marvel by his pager and after that Nick Fury becomes Ashes.

So, That Scene is related to Captain Marvel movie post-credit scene in which we can see that, Steve Rogers, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff trying to know more about that thing (Pager) that Nick Fury used to send the message.

In Next SHOT, We can see Captain MARVE In the Lab, Where all rest of the Avengers are.


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The Cat With Tesseract

In the 2nd Post credit Scene, We can see that the cat, which puts the Tesseract in this mouth is now ejecting it from its body.

Maybe this post credit scene is only for comedy but there are also lots of possibilities. Also Now its time to know what’s going next in the Movie Avengers: Endgame (2019) and how captain marvel will defeat Thanos.


Captain Marvel
Credit: Marvel Cinematic Universe


So this is the short story of Captain Marvel movie. Overall, this movie is great for Marvel fans also, on the other hand, to understand the concept of this movie, you need to watch almost all MCU movies.

So if you haven’t watched this movie yet and planning to watch it then make sure that you have some rough idea about Captain Marvel to understand this movie better.

MoviesBar gives this movie 4 Starts out Of 5. A great mixture of all humor, story, entertainment etc.


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