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15 Best Anime Series on Netflix to Binge Right Now

Are you searching for the best anime series and being tired of it? Then, you landed in the right place. While you were worrying about which anime to watch next, we were busy creating the perfect list for you. Anime Series have become an essential and interesting part of youngsters to engage nowadays. Anime series are way more fun, satisfying, and elegant than even some of the Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Well, there is a lot of anime on Netflix that you can watch and be entertained. Netflix is still growing its library of animes and will continue to do so. That’s a good thing for anime lovers to have a Netflix account.

Best Anime Series On Netflix

1. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist Best Anime Series on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 9.1

It was first aired almost 17 years ago in 2003 and became the first choice for most anime watchers since then. It has an outstanding set of characters with a great story. It can make you laugh and emotional in the same episode. The soundtracks, the openings, the characters, everything about is series is amazing. It is entirely a good series and no doubt about it.

Plot: In a fictitious country, two young brothers are bestowed with the gift of alchemy (the ability to transform matter). But their mother dies from an illness before they figure out how to use their alchemic skills. One brother loses his left leg and the other’s entire body is unusable. The boys replace their body parts with prosthetic limbs and become Full Metal Alchemists. Now they embark on an adventure to find the legendary Philosopher’s Stone to heal themselves.

2. Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan best Anime Series of All time

IMDb Rating: 9.0

It is the greatest tv series on Netflix till now. Whoever watched this show, loved it. Every 9 out of 10 people loved this series. Its manga is also very incredible. The director has really worked hard on the main character Eren, and it paid off. There are so many plot twists that you will amazingly enjoy. The fight scenes are great with the giants and so many beautiful characters died. The story is a little bit dark but very beautiful. I won’t exaggerate myself but this anime is the one on Netflix that you being were looking for.

Plot: When flesh-eating Titans appear after many years of breaking the walls, havoc rises. Eren loses his mother when a giant break the walls and eat his mother. Driven through this, he determines to join the scout and to fight with the giants. He then vows to kill every titan and forms a group of elite ones who are humanity’s last hope of survival.

3. Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter Best Netflix Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 9.0

It is more of an adventure series. Watching this one made me realize that there are some anime out there that aren’t full of boring characters arc and super-powered main characters. This has also been one of the most original works I’ve ever watched. The original series is made before shows like Naruto and so on. Considering this, it is a must-watch anime for you on Netflix.

Plot: The show features the protagonist Gon. He is on a mission to train himself as a hunter. He reunites with his father, who is alive and an accomplished hunter too.

Watch their further adventures as hunters and how they overcome different situations.

4. Death Note

Death Note best Anime Series of All time

IMDb Rating: 9.0

Some people would say that it is so overrated but most people have already agreed that it’s a totally mind-blowing awesome anime they have ever watched in their life. In my opinion, it’s the latter one. It is really an awesome series with a lot of plot twists, suspense, thriller, crimes, rivalry, and fantastic character development with a satisfying ending for the show. The story is so thrilling, captivating and exciting that never gets boring anywhere. I can’t describe the characters ‘Yagami Light’ and ‘L (Ryuzaki)’ in words. If you don’t believe me, watch yourself if you haven’t.

Plot: One day, a high-school student Yagami Light finds a supernatural notebook dropped by a Shinigami (The God Of Death), that grants its user the ability to kill, just by writing the name of the person on it. The notebook has some rules and regulations that must be followed. The light uses this notebook to eradicate all the criminals one by one but later he wants to become the God of a New World free of criminals, where there is no evil. But what happens when his rival, the most talented detective, ‘L’ and his team tries to take him down by prooving ‘Light’ here is the evil one.

Death Note has only one season, consisting of 37 episodes, which adapts the whole storyline. I highly recommend you watch this anime. All episodes are available on Netflix.

5. One Piece

One Piece Netflix Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 8.9

One Piece is one of the best shows of all time, not just one of the best anime series on Netflix. If you’re looking for something wonderful with an overwhelming amount of episodes, this is it. Don’t be confused by seeing 1000+ episodes, trust me if I say even after watching 1000+ episodes You’ll feel they should bring more 500 episodes minimum. Yep!!! You’ve heard it right.

6. Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 8.9

Everything about this show is exemplary. The animation is just wonderful, right from the detailed character designs, beautiful and haunting colours and the ethereal backgrounds to the coupling of the dazzling action and some of the most jaw-dropping futuristic spectacles in animation or otherwise known to man. Highly stylized, short, and sweet with just 26 episodes, and marked by an iconic soundtrack, Cowboy Bebop is a must-watch for anime fans.

7. Steins; Gate

Steins Gate Netflix Series

IMDb Rating: 8.8

Steins; Gate is one of the top-rated anime series, no doubt. It is loved by many watchers and they became a fan of it, including me. Youngsters and adults both can watch this amazing anime series. The voice actors have really done a great job expressing their feelings through characters. It is one of the best anime series I’ve ever watched. If you are looking for a compelling and nice story with some good character development, look no further.

Plot: A group of friends creates a machine capable of sending messages across time with just a phone and microwave. They cause ripples and altered memories through the past and present of different timelines. Okabe Rintaro, the protagonist, is the only one who can remember his memories despite traveling through time in different timelines. He uses his ability to save the person he cares for most.

8. One Punch Man

One Punch Man Best Netflix Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 8.7

The anime One Punch Man is based on a popular webcomic about a superhero who’s grown bored of being a superhero. The issue is, he’s become so powerful that he can defeat any opponent with a single punch. He lives out his life as a normal human until a challenger worthy enough to excite him presents themselves.

9. Code Geass

Code Geass Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 8.7

It has a mixture of a lot of genres like full of action, murder, fight, and emotions, which is the most important thing. The protagonist has expressed many emotions unlike Light Yagami in The Death Note. By watching this series, you will learn a lot about relationships with romance, teamwork, hard work, and a lot about Japanese culture.

Plot: An evil Empire has conquered the country known as Japan. It is now called Area 11. The people lost every right to self-govern. The Empire calls them now Eleven. The Empire uses powerfully destructive robotic weapons, Knightmares to ensure control, but someone is about to stand up against it.

Lelouch, the black prince, and the protagonist have endless dreams and uses the power of the Geass to build a world based on his ideals. Another knight known as The White Knight aspires to justice. He strives to live an honest and fair life.

10. Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer best Anime Series on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 8.7

Demon Slayer is stunning with hell lot of creativity and character development. It’s amazing to watch and each episode gives me goosebumps especially that lightning kid. The storyline keeps you engaged and when any villain or high-ranking demon shows up you can expect full entertainment and creativity. It is brilliant and doesn’t even wanna blink my eye when any fight starts.

Plot: The story follows Tanjiro Kamado, who joins the ranks of the demon slayers, following the murder of his family by a demon. Only Nezuko Kamado, Tanjiro’s younger sister, survived the onslaught — but she was turned into a demon. Tanjiro travels to Taisho-era Japan with Nezuko in search of a cure and joins the Demon Slayer Corps, seeking to confront the original demon, Muzan Kibutsuji, who killed his family.

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11. Naruto

Naruto Best Anime Series on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 8.4

Everybody loves Naruto. This show is a perfect example of friendship, love, and lessons for real-life scenarios. I’ve never watched any series like this. It’s a really great series that I recommend you to watch. It has also amazing soundtracks, a wonderful storyline, lots of fantastic fight scenes, and a little bit of romance. There will be many times when will cry after watching the scenes and listening to its music.

Plot: It is adapted from a manga by Masashi Kishimoto, the hit series follows the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto is so convicted to save his friend Sasuke from becoming a rogue ninja and to become the Hokage (leader) of his village. He wants to be acknowledged as the strongest among them.

If you haven’t watched this series, go watch it now. It is available on Netflix as well as on Crunchyroll.

12. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia Best Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 8.3

This anime series is wonderful. The protagonist is fantastic and grows so much throughout the upcoming episodes in the series. It is amazing to see that My Hero Academia has a mix of fighting action, comedy, cool characters, and an excellent storyline.

Plot: In a world where those with powers are known as “Quirks,” Izuku Midoriya has aspirations to one day become a hero but there’s a catch — he isn’t a Quirk. Because of his action, the world’s greatest hero gifts him a hero ability, All Might.

Now, Midoriya attends a school that cultivates the next generation of superheroes. He fights with different villains and saves the world.

13. InuYasha

InuYasha Best Anime Series on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.9

If you like fantasy adventure then this anime is the one for you. The best anime with a deep and complicated plot, a fantastic combination of fantasy, adventure, magic, horror, violence, romance, betrayal, manipulation, friendship, evil, and lust, also take note of the brilliant orchestra, scores and opening and ending themes. The dialogues are so incredible that really touched you and relate in many ways. The series showcases the rich culture of feudal Japan from spiritual to supernatural.

Plot: The series follows a young boy named Gon Freecss who finds out his father Ging, who he thought was A teen girl from modern-day Tokyo is transported back in time to feudal Japan, where she is tasked with preventing the evil half-demon Naraku from piecing together the sacred Shikon Jewel – with the help of the not-quite-as-evil half-demon InuYasha.

14. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul Best Anime Series

IMDb Rating: 7.7

In a world where ghouls live among humans, they are nothing different from humans in any way except their kagune (their special powers) and their craving for human flesh.

Ken Kaneki goes on a date with beautiful Rize, who is only interested in him to eat him but things really didn’t go well. Ken becomes the first half-human, half-ghoul hybrid, which draws him into the ghoul world. There is also a special ghoul force that fights the ghouls to save mankind.
What will he do now? If you are interested then must watch this amazing series.

15. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online Best Anime Series on Netflix

IMDb Rating: 7.6

This series features an online multiplayer roleplaying game in virtual reality. Different players have their own unique avatars in the game through which they interact with each other and complete missions.

In my opinion, it is a very good anime with amazing skilled sword fight scenes and romance. It is a well-balanced series that you will surely love to watch.

Plot: A player who becomes an advanced pro player, falls in love with a girl in the virtual reality game. He finds out her identity in the real world. But things get worse when all SAO players are logged out.


So, these are some of the Best Anime Series on Netflix till now that you will surely love. I believe it. Netflix is still working on expanding its anime library and it will have more animes for anime lovers. Anime series are so amazing, captivating, fantastic, and wonderful. They are full of suspense, thriller, talented voice actors, amazing soundtracks, and beautiful characters. So what were you guys waiting for till now, go stream now on Netflix!

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