From past two weeks, there are many rumors are coming for Untitled Avengers 4.  A Reddit user says that this is a major spoiler of the trailer of Avengers 4 or we can say Avengers 4 Annihilation.

The way by which Reddit user described the trailer of Avengers 4 sounds Legit and that’s why we are going to talk about it.

So this is Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer Description which Sounds Legit and SPOILER ALERT!

Most Probably, the trailer of Avengers 4 is going to be released in November end the Marvel franchise is going to release the final infinity war in 2019 along with Captain Marvel.

But remember that until or unless marvel didn’t release their Avengers 4 Trailer, then the theory will be considered and fan theory.

Avengers: End Game Trailer

Credit: Marvel Entertainments

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer Description

According to the fans of Avengers, this theory looks realistic and that’s why this fan theory got viral.

Below is full expected Avengers 4 Trailer Description which may be possible.

According to A Reddit User:

Avengers 4 Trailer Starts By showing the Damage Infinity Gauntlet on the farm.

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer
Movie: Avengers Infinity War (2018)


*Camera Focus*

In Next Shot Tony is saying that We were destined to lose.

*Epic Music Starts*

A Quinjet is Landing On Wakanda base land. And here captain says that “We Have come so far

Next shot, we can see that tony and nebula is coming along with all other Avengers and here Steve Rogers meets looks toward the tony. In return, Tony gives a simple smile toward the captain.

*Marvel Studios Logo*

The scene of the Battle Of New York             …………………….       [Avengers 2012]

Next Shot, Loki On Stark Tower.

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer
Movie: Avengers Infinity War (2018)


*Blue Light*

*Cut To Black Light*

In Next Shot Shuri And Banner is showing to working on any project in Wakanda’s lab

Black Widow In Hawke’s home.

*Shot Of Thanos*

*Shot Of Quantum Realm*

*Shot of Thor And Valkyrie in space*

Next Shot

Tony, Wearing shield uniform is inside in somewhere SHIELD Headquarters.

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer

*Next Shot*

Rocket And Nebula are modifying any weapon. And here rocket says “When we try this weapon?”

*Shot Of Iron Man In Its Nanotech Armer*


Captain Marvel In Binary Form

Thanos In Soul Work where the little child Gamora made angry on Thanos

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer
Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer

Fight Science Of Thor And Loki with chitauri army

In next Shot, Antman And Ironman go to New York Battle with the help of Quantum Realm time travel power.

*Shot Of Infinity Gauntlet with one infinity stone missing*

Title Reveal


Perhaps this might be possible in Avengers Trailer, But still everything is not confirmed yet.

This is the Fan Theory of Reddit User that we shared today.

Avengers 4 Leaked Trailer



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