She Is Back! Yes Annabelle, One of the most Horror Movie that we ever watch.  If you Love to watch horror movies then Annabelle Creation is one of the good choices for you! Well, Here in this article i am going to share my point of views on Annabelle movie and with the conjuring franchise. So Have A Look to them.

This Annabelle Creation movie is full based on the origin of the haunted doll and the tragic death of the little lovely girl. The Dollmaker accidentally gave the permission to the to the bad soul to take the body of the doll to live between them by thinking that the soul is of his dead child named Annabelle “Bee” Mullins.

But, As Soon As they realized that they did the biggest mistake ever, it was too late. With the help of the church, they locked the Annabelle doll into the room safely.

After 12 Years Samuel allows Sister Charlotte to live in that house along with six homeless girls. By telling them that not to open/enter then Bee’s room.

Everything is fine till yet but one day Janice, One of the six homeless girls opened that room…… and this was the biggest mistake that she did. And Here the bad Nightmare started Again!



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