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7 Useful Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts (Windows & Mac)

Amazon recently launched Amazon Prime under which you will get some awesome benefits of Amazon prime videos, Amazon music, exclusive Amazon shopping deals and much more only for Rs.999 per year.

Most of the people already subscribed for Amazon prime videos and I personally used Amazon prime videos to watch movies, TV series and web series. Recently I completed “Mirzapur 2018” web series and this web series was totally stunning.

In this article, we are going to talk about some amazing Amazon Prime videos keyboard shortcuts that you must checkout before watching any TV series or Movies on Amazon.


Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


Amazon Prime Video Keyboard Shortcuts

[ Windows + MacOS ]

Amazon streaming service is only one service that can easily compete with Netflix. Firstly, Amazon prime is very cheaper in price than Netflix, hence this is one of the reasons for people who subscribed for Amazon Prime rather than Netflix.

If you already subscribe for Amazon’s video streaming service then this article is for you. Here in this article, I am going to share all stunning Amazon Prime Video hotkeys that I personally used while watching prime.

Also, Note that I Am Watching “KGF Part-1” movie while taking these screenshots that I embedded in this article.

Most of us use Google Chrome as our primary browser to surf the internet online and these Amazon Hotkeys are working in Chrome browser and some of them are quite similar to Netflix Hotkeys.

Full-Screen/Exit – Full Screen Shortcut [ Shift + F / Esc ]

These are the very frequent hotkeys that most peoples already knows.

If you press “Shift + F” keys simultaneously then it will help you to watch your show in full screen. I always watch movies and web-series in full screen so that I can easily complete them without any notification distraction.

And when you want to exit full screen then just press “Esc” key to exit from full screen.

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts

Rent – Buy Movies / Episodes [ Shift + R or Shift + B ]

Amazon streaming service provides you an option in which you can purchase or rent any specific movie or TV series that you want to watch.

So, If you want to purchase or rent any movie/tv-series then there are some Amazon keyboard hotkeys that allow you to purchase series instantly.

Press “Shift + R” shortcut key to renting any movie and use hotkey “Shift + B” to buy any specific movie at a cheap rate.

I loved this feature in Amazon prime videos because sometimes I don’t have enough time to watch all the TV series or Movies then I Purchase only those web series and movies which are recommended by someones.

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


Increase / Decrease Volume ( Arrow Up/Arrow Down )

How many of you faced this problem? that whenever any action scene will start in any video then due to high bass, the volume automatically becomes too much loud.

In most Hollywood movies, I faced this problem so to rapidly increase or decrease volume I use arrow up and arrow down keyboard shortcuts instead of bringing the mouse cursor to the volume slider line.

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


Skip Forward / Backward For 10 Seconds [ Arrow Right / Arrow Left Key ]

As similar to Youtube and Netflix, Amazon prime videos also have same hotkeys for the forward-backward video for 10 seconds.

If you want to forward your video for 10 seconds then you can hit “Arrow Right” key and in case if you want to backward your video for 10 seconds then you can use “Arrow Left” keys.

These keys are very helpful when we watch “A” grade movies 😛

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


Mute / Unmute [ M ]

While playing Amazon prime videos, If we press “M” key, then it will mute your video totally.

Later, You can unmute it by pressing again “M” keyboard shortcut keys.

( Personally, I prefer to use spacebar because it will Mute + Pause your video concurrently. We will talk about it in the next section )

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


Play / Pause [ Spacebar ]

This Amazon Prime Videos Hotkey is one of the most useful hotkey and most probably we all of them are using it.

As similar to Netflix hotkeys, Amazon Prime have also “Spacebar” as a shortcut key to Play-Pause videos in one single click.

Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts


List of all Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Download From Here


As simple as possible, I shared all the amazing and stunning Amazon Prime Keyboard Shortcuts for both MacOS users and Windows Users.

Although, If you loved to watch movies and TV series then you must purchase AmazonPrime because it was much cheaper then Netflix and other streaming services.

And tell us, what would you think about Amazon Prime? Is it worth to purchase?

Also, If you found this collection of Amazon Prime Keyboard hotkeys helpful, then drop down your comment in comment section.

( if you have other Important hotkeys then mention it below )

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