7 Factors To Watch Upendra’s KABZAA On Theatre

The upcoming pan-Indian film Kabzaa, coming from Kannada starring Upendra and Kichcha Sudeep is only getting bigger every time. ‘Kabzaa’ has a huge hype and heavy expectations as the film is released in multiple languages. Three of Kannada cinema’s biggest stars are coming together for Kabzaa, the next big venture in Sandalwood. Let’s see the 7 factors of ‘Kabzaa’ to make the audience watch the film on the big screen.

R. ChandruR Chandru

Director R Chandru is generally known for love stories and musical entertainers. While, on the one hand, he preps for the mega release of his most ambitious project to date, Kabzaa. The scale and magnanimity of the project are very huge for Chandru and it is also the highest-budget film of his career.

Upendra RaoUpendra new movie Kabzaa

This is the third time Upendra is collaborating with Chandru after ‘Brahma’ and ‘I Love You’. Although Upendra himself is a maverick director and as a director himself. Now as an actor, it is very curious and exciting to see Upendra as an actor to see what magic he’ll be creating as a don portraying the role of Arkeshwara in this gangster period setup.

Shriya SaranShriya Saran in Kabzaa

Shriya’s presence is an asset to the film and brings in the Telugu, Tamil and Hindi audiences as the actress is playing the role of Madhumathi.

Kichcha SudeepKichcha Sudeepa in Kabzaa movie

Kichcha was recently seen in the action horror film ‘Vikrant Rona’ which fared well at the box office. In Kabzaa Sudeep has a cameo in the two-part film, as Commissioner Bhargav Bakshi.

Shiva RajkumarShiva Rajkumar in Kabzaa

The film, which has caught big buzz among movie buffs, welcomed Shivarajkumar on board with a new poster. The actor will be seen in a key role in the film. He has been introduced as Bhargav Bakshi. According to reports, the actor is playing a cameo role and will be a treat to fans.

Ravi BasurMusic director Ravi Basur

Sandalwood music composer Ravi Basrur, who rose to fame with the KGF franchise, again movie buffs are expecting a fantastic background score from Ravi Basur for the period story of ‘Kabzaa’.

Story Of Underworld Rise In India

Though the trailer is widely compared to the ‘KGF’ franchise, ‘Kabzaa’ is a story of how the underworld came into existence in India in the time period of the early 1950s. Kannada cinema and underworld films are one superb combo as many films showcasing the underworld films have gone on to become blockbusters so naturally ‘Kabzaa’ is also expected to repeat the same history.

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